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There is such thing as working out too much! iT IS IMPORTANT TO GIVE YOUR BODY TIME TO RECOVER OR ELSE YOU WILL NOT get optimal results. spend at least 1-2 days a week practicing active rest.

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 Architech Sports is the premiere physical therapy and athletic training company in the Carolinas. The staff designs programs that are specifically tailored towards your needs. While in physical therapy you are also given nutritional and dietary guidance, overall body workout regimens, and specific flexibility regimens to help in your recovery.


The YMCA of Greater Charlotte engages nearly 300,000 men, women and children – regardless of age, income or background  – at our 19 locations and two resident camps, Camp Thunderbird and Camp Harrison. Deeply rooted in the community since 1874, we have the long-standing relationships and physical presence not just to promise, but to deliver, lasting personal and social change.