The Proper Way to Stand & Sleep While Pregnant

Hey ladies! Today we are going to talk about a nice way to be able to stand correctly as your belly begins to grow, especially in your second and third trimesters. The first thing you want to do is make sure the weight is in the middle of your feet and your knees aren’t locked. Then put your hand under your belly and line up your ribs on top of your pelvis to help the baby get back into the pelvis. As your belly grows, it starts pulling your back and you start to have pain in your lower back. Put your hand underneath your belly and unweight your back. Then you are going to let your tail feathers drop a little as your ribcage stays on top of your pelvis and then relax down. Now you are going to see the difference when she lifts her tail feather back up and the baby comes back out of her pelvis. 

Next, I’m going to show you three ways to have a better night sleep as you grow during your pregnancy. First, make sure that on your left side you have your pillows high enough that you have your head in a neutral position. Think about your head as a cake pop. If you have the cake pop supported only at the cake, the stick is going to hurt. So we are going to support the whole cake pop so she can relax during the night. Next we are going to support the legs. Make sure you support your legs from your groin all the way between your legs and feet. This is a king size pillow. You can always use a pregnancy or body pillow. Now you are going to get a couple towels to create support under her belly and breast. I’m going to lift her belly up and place towels underneath so it is supported and her back isn’t working hard. Not only does the belly get larger, but our breasts get larger and heavier. So I will take another towel and place it underneath so her entire body is supported.