The Dos & Don'ts of Exercising With Diastasis Recti

Hello ladies! We are going to talk about diastasis recti, which is just a crazy word for separation of your muscle. So you have two abdominal rectus muscles here, so as you are gaining weight with your pregnancy those two muscles can start separate, causing diastasis or DRA. To test for that, place your finger right in the middle of the trunk and lift your head up. One to one and a half fingers is normal. She is two fingers today. Now we are going to go down closer to the umbilicus. Right at that belly button, I have a full two fingers here, so she still has some diastasis that we’ve been working on. You can test from high up to all the way down. Now what do you we do to keep that from happening? You want to take the line right on the edge of where the rectus is, and your going to glide your fingers along the edge to release the tissue underneath and beside the rectus. When you do that, it relieves some of the pressure that pulls those muscles apart and allows the muscles to come up as you grow your baby. 

Today we are going to show you three exercises that you do NOT want to do if you know you have diastasis recti (when the space is more than one and a half fingers). The first is the V-up. We all want to get our abdominals back into shape after the baby, but we want to go baby steps. As she lowers her legs you can see there is a little bit of a cone. Her abdominals are coning out. That is one thing you want to look for when your exercising. Next is the bicycle. As she fatigues she starts to cone again. The third exercise is a plank, either on your forearms or hands. You can see here that her abdominals are not strong enough, therefore it’s too much pressure in the midline.