Top 3 Postpartum Exercises to Get Your Body Back

Hey ladies! I’m Amy Holcomb. Physical therapist with Architech Sports and Physical Therapy. Jennifer has had a baby five weeks ago, so today we are going to show you three important exercises to do right after having the baby so you can get your body back. 

The first thing you are going to do is think about tightening your abdominals, tightening your core and allowing you ribs to stay anchored down. So if I were going to punch you in the stomach, my hand would be stopped by that strong core. I’m going to have Jennifer put her hands on her hip bones. Now keep that core contracted as you lift your right leg up and don’t let your hips move at all. Then back down and switch. Transitional times are when you will have the most difficulty keeping your hips level. We want to work on this for a full minute as part of your three exercise circuit so we can work on the endurance fibers of your core.

Our next exercise we are going to do is a modified side plank. Come up on your forearm and knees. What you are going to work on is maintaining that same core. Lift you hip and tap down and up. For this minute, you will hold for 30 seconds and tap down and up for 30 seconds making sure your hips are stacked because ometimes we have a tendency to roll back. 

Next, we are going to work on a hip hinge. Let your hips and knees bend and push your feet into the floor so your quads and glutes do all the work. Notice how the distance between the spine and the stick stay exactly the same. Continue to push through your legs so she feels everything in her legs and nothing in her back and neck. Now let’s have her do it without the stick. A way you can do it at home is putting one hand on your belly and one on your back so as you hip hinge down, you can feel if your spine is moving.