Loosen Your Hips With This Quick Yoga Flow

Hi, I’m Amy Holcomb. A physical therapist at Architech Sports and Physical Therapy. I specialize in women’s health, spines and I enjoy teaching yoga. Today I’m going to show a short flow to help with hips being more mobile. If anything can help us keep our backs stay nice and strong when we age, it is keeping our hips more mobile. So we start on our hands and knees, with a cat and camel. So you just drop down and arch up 2 or 3 times. Think of feeding your disk. Now tuck your toes and press through you feet to go into a downward dog. Head should be relaxed, sit bones reaching for the sky, heels melting toward the ground. Then we are going to walk our dog. That means bend one knee while the other stays straight and then switch sides. Do this 3 or 4 times. Then we are going to lift our left leg into the air for 3 point dog, then tucking your knee into your chest moving into a low lunge with our knee down, toe untucked in the back. With this position you are lengthening the from of your hip and thigh and your squeezing your right buttock. Staying there for 2-3 breaths. Press your front foot so your hips shift back. Make sure your hip is on top of your right knee. Maybe wiggling your foot out a little bit further, keeping your hips level and lengthening from your heel to your sit bone. Again, 2-3 breaths. Moving forward again and now you are going to tuck your right toe, straighten your knee, walk your hands to your right, toes facing forward, head dropping to the floor, hips reaching to the sky. Feeling a stretch not only in your hamstrings, but also the middle of your thighs. Now walk your hands to the right and your left knee comes down, toes untucked. Now your feeling the lengthening in the front of the left hip, squeezing your left buttock. And press your front foot into the ground so your left hip is now aligned on top of the left knee. Wiggle your right foot our for a nice lengthening from your right heel to your right sit bone. Spine should be fairly straight and then shift forward again, tuck left toe, straighten your knee and lift your right leg in the air for 3 point and let it float to the ground. Go on your knees and hands, and with knees together, shift back into a child’s pose, head shifting towards the ground, hands walking away.