One Pot Italian Gluten Free Pasta Recipe (Vegan!)

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How to make a one pot pasta dish

Did you know that you can actually make a one pot pasta dish? If you have the right amount of liquid, the pasta actually cooks right in there. This means no pre-boiling the pasta or making a separate sauce. Which also means no additional cleanup – yay! I first tried this one pot gluten free taco pasta recipe with success, which gave me inspiration for today’s recipe.

About One Pot Italian Gluten Free Pasta

  • As mentioned above, the pasta cooks directly in the liquid within the recipe. This said, you need to make sure to stir it every couple of minutes while it’s cooking to help avoid it catching on the bottom of the pot.

  • Gluten free pasta works wonderfully in this. I used Tresomega Gluten Free Pasta, which is made from organic rice, quinoa and amaranth. I like that it’s not made solely from rice, and also that it’s corn-free. And it doesn’t get mushy!

  • This truly is a one-pot meal as it contains vegetables within so you don’t feel the need to add a side. Of course a salad would pair well with it!

  • Don’t use low-fat coconut milk, but instead go for the full fat (which are all healthy fats) to get that true creaminess.


Bonus: One Pot Italian Gluten Free Past is a Vegan Recipe!

In case you are wondering – I’m not vegan. Never have been, never will be. I was a vegetarian for 5 years, but my body didn’t do well with it. More specifically, I was so low on iron that I had to get a few iron infusions. After that, I realized that my body does not do well with beans and legumes, so I had to remove some foods. With such limited choices, I was *forced* to add back in fish, eggs and very occasional chicken. With this being said, I absolutely believe in the benefits of plant-based meals for health reasons, and also for minimizing meat consumption. Overall, I am a believer in moderation with foods, but that doesn’t mean that I don’t enjoy (and cook) vegan meals here and there!

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Kiran Dodeja Smith is a Charlotte-based mom of four who enjoys running, yoga, HIIT classes and other ways of staying active. Kiran is a Holistic Health Coach and offers recipes and tips for making real food easy on her site.