The Chair Flow

The Chair Flow:

This is a yoga flow that is created to help with balance, leg and core strength.

You can go through the flow pausing for 3-4 breaths to work on the postural muscles - or - you can move through one pose at a time controlling your breath with every change in position. 

The purpose is not to see how quickly you can get through it but the control of each pose and movement.


Be careful that your knees do not move past your toes - especially if you have painful/arthritic knees

Keep your spine neutral - try not to extend and lift into extension

Feel as if you are pushing up through your feet not lifting up by your head/upper body


*stand beside a wall keeping your elbow along wall to help maintain balance

*the depth of the knee bend is not as important as the control of the movement

*during any of the poses - you can always tap your toe down to assist in maintaining balance